De Surfclub

We are not a brand, We just make ties. The NOT A BRAND JUST TIES philosophy. This small and fresh Dutch company prides itself on just making ties, however, they don’t make any old ties. Founders Erik and Martijn offers immensely creative and beautiful ties which combine traditional patterns with modern graphic design.

How To Dress For Winter Holiday Parties

With the holidays in full effect, you are probably getting invites left and right to holiday parties. Not only are they a great opportunity to mix and mingle with coworkers outside of work or to catch up with good friends and family, it is also the best way to show off your personal style with […]

smart casual feature image

Smart casual is a look that many men try to get right and rightly so. However, most men still don’t understand the difference between simply casual attire and smart casual attire. With smart casual, comfort is the main focus, but you have to make sure that you look sleek and prim despite choosing items of […]

Essential business outfits

Today we’re going to focus on business wear basics to help you get your wardrobe in order and ensure that you can quickly choose a great outfit to wear each and every day. We will look at tried and tested business essentials, from shoes to ties. Don’t worry about the number of clothes that you […]

Tokyo Laundry Gauden Gilet

While being less than 2 years old, Tokyo Laundry is already a well established company with comprehensive collections of men and women’s clothes and accessories. Comparing the brand with other fashion labels would be unfair as Tokyo Laundry has its own clearly defined character which they appropriately describe as “Far Eastern typography meets American Collegiate” […]


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